International offer

Rail vehicle construction

Construction of rail vehicles is a complex process of creating a model on the basis of design assumptions developed together with the customer. The technical integration of individual components, sub-components and subsystems carried out by the TechSolutions Group sp. z o.o. team is based on many years of practical industry experience, which allows the interfaces of individual components to be managed in an efficient system. The modern approach to the design and project management process allows for a flexible and individual approach to each client, and thus the implementation of the client’s ideas into clearly developed technical documentation.

We specialise in the design of vehicle components such as running gears, suspension systems, vehicle body structure and outline, vehicle gauges, interior fittings, electrical connections, retrofitting of existing installations, as well as the layout of components of other systems in the vehicle. We use the latest CAD packages, assisted in our work by CAE tools.

We create designs taking into account the latest European standards, including the UIC charter, TSI and industry standards.

We carry out the design process taking into account the principles of construction in order to achieve functionality, reliability, durability and high efficiency of the structure while keeping the weight as low as possible. We also design with RAMS and LCC in mind.

Safety Management – courses

Training course: Safety Management in European Union Railway Transport

This safety training has been successfully assessed by ERA under a pilot qualification scheme (2024).

The training is based on the European Union legislation in the railway sector. It tackles the institutional context and the following topics and tools: Safety Management Systems, Change management and Maintenance Management System, registers and databases. The training is intended to make the legal framework more understandable to new railway safety practitioners.

Support in risk management

We support rail market operators in EU at implementing changes to the railway system based on Regulation 402/2013 (CSM RA). We assist in making decisions on the significance of the change. We create comprehensive safety evidence for national and international projects in the sense of „significant change” according to Regulation 402/2013 EC. For significant changes, we moderate hazard identification sessions using both standard methods (FMEA, FTA) and dedicated proprietary solutions. We assist in risk estimation and assessment, create hazard registers and a set of documents necessary for presentation to the assessment body (AsBo).

In addition, we also offer other security-related services:
– Verification and updating of safety management system (SMS) documentation;
– Verification and updating of maintenance management system (MMS) documentation;
– Support for analyses of types and effects of possible faults (FMEA) and fault tree analysis (FTA);
– Support for reliability analyses of technical facilities RAMS and LCC analyses;